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If you own an electric car, van or other vehicle and are struggling to find a fully qualified mechanic to service, MOT, repair and maintain your vehicle, we can help.

At Guestling Garage, we are an IMI qualified repair centre meaning our mechanics have the skills, training and specialist equipment required to carry out electric car servicing, repairs, fault finding and MOTs. Unlike dealerships that electric car owners are often forced to use, our service is affordable and every customer is treated as an individual.

Servicing any PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) isn't much different to servicing any other car, right? Not exactly.

Despite there being many common components, there's the added element of high voltage electricity that a tradition car doesn't have. One stray wire and this electricity could be passing through your car's chasis.

Our mechanics are trained and certified to specifically work with electric and hybrid cars. This includes working with high voltage systems, hybrid engines, electrical motors, power inverter systems, energy / fuel management hardware systems, battery regeneration braking systems (e.g. KERS), electric control propulsion sensing systems and so on.

The majority of what you will find in the workings of an electric car is the battery. There are a vast array of power cells that will make an electric car run. They are large, heavy and complicated. They don’t require much day-to-day maintenance, but as you will appreciate from the use of phones, tablets and laptops, battery memory will reduce over time.

This means that the ability for the battery to hold charge decreases as it ages and the range will become shorter. It's therefore important to ensure all electrical systems (especially recharging systems) are working as efficiently as possible and any electrical drains are diagnosed and eliminated quickly.

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